Airspace Design

We are world experts in Air Traffic Management, Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) and airspace design.
We plan and design air routes, holding patterns and airspace structure, calling on decades of experience in the field. Exceptional airspace design saves flight miles, time and fuel for airlines while reducing emissions.
We partner with governments to design and build airspace from the ground up. From zero legacy infrastructure, we deliver world-class, optimised and agile airspaces as advanced as any in the world.
‍Our designers have created safe procedures in the busiest airspaces in the world. The ICAO manuals with which all our designs, CDO/CCO procedures and ATC training comply were co-authored by us.


Our systems are entirely remote, avoiding the need to purchase and install costly, high-maintenance hardware. We go beyond building your airspace: we ensure that all ground staff are fully trained in operational protocols and safety requirements.


A single diverted flight can cost operators up to $100,000, disincentivising them from entering an unreliable airspace. Our PBN-led systems remove the margin for human error, maximising flight volumes and providing a competitive edge over less sophisticated airspaces.


Safe skies don’t just save lives; they attract airlines, trade and tourists. We ensure your airspace is compliant with the highest safety standards, protecting passengers and staff, while guaranteeing international regulatory compliance.

Example Airspace Design Services