Fee Collection

Our state-of-the-art platform records all flights in sovereign airspace in real time. It collects more than 99% of all eligible air navigation fees.
The NavPass platform removes the possibility for human error, which is common in fee collection: some of the biggest economies in the world fail to collect over 30% of eligible fees.
Through multiple data sources, we build a complete picture of your airspace, identifying every aircraft, its billing details, and automatically calculating and charging fees.

Cloud-based reliability

Our system is not reliant on costly hardware. We combine low-cost, state-of-the-art receivers with multiple satellite data feeds to provide a real-time, reliable and cutting-edge flight management system.

100% flights identified

Fees are lost when flights in your airspace go unidentified. We triangulate data from multiple sources to provide a real-time view of 100% of the aircraft flying in your airspace, including aircraft that aren’t broadcasting their location.

Fully automated fee collection

Human error and manual systems mean that some of the world’s busiest airspaces only collect 70% of eligible overflight fees. Our automated system leverages our real-time data to identify and automatically bill all flights eligible for fees. We collect 99% of all eligible fees.

We collect 99% of all eligible overflight fees, generating tens of millions of dollars of revenue per year for a single airspace.