What We Do

Our Purpose

NavPass exists to transform sovereign airspace into an engine for growth, enabling governments to take control of what is theirs and open their doors to the world.
Our product is simple, but its impact is transformative. Our proprietary system is the first of its kind, uniting airspace design, automated fee collection, and ICAO and IATA compliance.
For Goverments
Through our system we catalyse economic growth. Our partnerships with governments open up trade routes, boost tourism, and integrate nations into the global marketplace.
For Operators
Our cutting-edge technology removes uncertainty for operators, saving flight miles and fuel, reducing emissions and ultimately protecting margins.
For Nations
We connect economies to the world, creating jobs and fuelling commerce. We go beyond establishing airspace systems: we upskill existing workforces to own and operate their airspace.
Every dollar collected from overflight fees and reinvested in the economy generates between $5-$20 of economic value. Few – if any – technological interventions are as transformative at a national level.
Our impact on the nations whose governments we partner with directly contributes to three of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

8. Decent work and economic growth

Optimized and open airspaces generate government revenues through fee collection, while opening economies up to new trade routes, which generate economic value and labor market expansion.

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Fully functional airspace is a critical component of the infrastructure required to integrate an economy into the global marketplace. Beyond the movement of goods, the ease of entry for people brings with it an exchange of talent, innovation and ideas that drive prosperity.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Integrated transport links enable vital connectivity between rural and urban populations, preventing social and economic exclusion, while ensuring that the economic value chain leaves no one behind.

Our People

We bring together more than 400 years of experience, with our team members having shaped global aviation technology and standards at the highest levels.
NavPass team members created, designed and introduced performance-based navigation (PBN): the gold standard of airspace design. Three of our team wrote the UN’s ICAO manuals on airspace design, teaching aviation authorities in 45 countries to deploy their frameworks.
Now we want to combine our individual experiences and achievements and change the world by enabling governments to transform their sovereign airspace into an engine for nationwide prosperity.